Aliva UK has honed a dramatic, hi-tech finish for a new extension to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) headquarters that reflects the extreme environment where many of its scientists work. 

Aliva supplied stunning laminated glass rainscreen cladding in a hexagonal pattern that references the molecular structure of an ice crystal for the entrance to BAS and its new Aurora Innovation Centre in Cambridge. The company answered architect ADP’s brief for a contemporary, reflective finish with back painted glass in dark grey and white on hexagonal panels.

ADP wanted the cladding to celebrate innovation at the new centre, which is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), from the UK science budget. The extension adapts the existing estate to suit interdisciplinary collaborative research projects.

ADP associate director Neil Lister said: “We wanted high-quality cladding that would allow the project to celebrate innovation while reflecting the Antarctic environment. That is why we chose the hexagonal pattern, which is the crystalline structure of ice seen through a microscope. We are extremely pleased with Aliva’s work. They listened and delivered what we wanted, both in terms of the choice of finishes and in the technical support for installation.”

Aliva managing director James Ormerod said: “We were very proud to have the opportunity to work on this unique project with our installation partner JML Building Services. It is an exemplar of Aliva’s expertise in meeting the brief for cutting-edge finishes for beautiful buildings, and providing the technical back-up that ensures a first-class installation.”