Hilti has made an undisclosed strategic investment into Fieldwire,  the mobile field management technology platform, and formed a strategic partnership to leverage digital and hardware technology to drive onsite construction productivity.

“Fieldwire’s approach to jobsite productivity stands out in the construction tech scene and aligns very well with Hilti’s mission,” said Joerg Kampmeyer, member of the Executive Board and CFO at Hilti. “We were impressed by Fieldwire’s leadership, and our investment in the company is a first step in establishing a long-standing strategic partnership.”

In recent years, Hilti has made major efforts to digitize the construction industry with software solutions including planning and designing fastening, firestopping  and asset management. Hilti is also connecting construction professionals with its experts through platforms like “Ask.Hilti.com”.

While digital has already revolutionised construction planning and design, the focus is now shifting towards the way people work on sites. Fieldwire’s partnership with Hilti will further shift focus to workers in the field with the goal of empowering them to do their best work.

The typical construction worker spends only 30 percent of their time on actual construction work, with the other 70 percent spent on coordination and communication. Fieldwire’s construction management software claims to give that time back to those in the field by enabling them to capture, organise and access information such as up-to-date drawings and files using a mobile device on- and offline.

Fieldwire has saved its users an average of 20 hours a month on more than 200,000 projects worldwide. However, the partnership with Hilti will combine Fieldwire’s digital offering with the tools used on the construction site such as Hilti’s line of Rangemeters making it more easily accessible and adding additional value for the user.

“Hilti has established itself as a leader in construction technology for the better part of a century, and we are honored to not only receive their investment in a software startup, but to embark on this strategic partnership with them,” said Yves Frinault, co-founder and CEO of Fieldwire. “This partnership is yet another sign of the increasing role of digital technology in the construction industry, and we are excited to lead the charge into the future with Hilti.”