A comprehensive asset management system has been launched by Hilti to allow companies to control all the equipment in their inventory – regardless of item, size and manufacturer.

Hilti ON!Track keeps an accurate record of assets, showing where they are, what condition they are in and which employee is responsible for them at any given moment.

Initial benefits include increased speed and accuracy of stock checks, fast and secure identification of tools including batteries, accessories and consumables, onsite tracking and the ability to store asset related information, such as service intervals and hand-arm vibration and dust exposure limits.

Furthermore the system will allow fleet optimisation by showing usage and downtime, giving transparency on the total cost of ownership of every item.

Hilti ON!Track utilises Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags – which are available in four sizes, placed on the body of the asset and have been designed to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions – which are read with the new Hilti AI S1/4 Scanners.

Working over a distance of up to 1.5m – allowing entire batches of equipment to be processed in seconds – the new scanners have a touch screen interface for ease-of-use. They connect over a mobile network or Wi-Fi, updating the secure cloud-based master record instantly, which can also be viewed by web or mobile.

The company provides full lifecycle support from planning, training, implementation, tagging, technical support and more. A dedicated team of 60 Hilti Software Developers monitor and work continuously to improve the service.

Sriram Makineedi, Professional Services Manager for Northern Europe at Hilti, said: “ON!Track is split into three sections: hardware incorporates the tags and scanners; software the cloud-based online system; and services whereby we supply all advice and planning, training, implementation and ongoing support.

“Working in conjunction the system will track and search for all tagged assets and minimise losses, assign individuals to each piece of equipment, allow the rapid reassignment of products, maintain inventory lists quickly and avoid time-consuming stock checks.

“This marks a major step forward for the construction industry, many of whom still rely on a paper-based systems, excel sheets or extensive manual input. The tracking and time saving – let alone the ability to RFID every single asset – provides a key competitive advantage in the marketplace,” concluded Sriram.