In November 2020, the UK government announced it is investing £12bn to kick start a “green industrial Revolution”. The ten-point plan includes investing in the electric cars and vans to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, introducing cleaner public transport and more cycle lanes, and dedicating £1bn to reducing energy bills in homes, schools and hospitals.

Do you need ideas about how to make your workspace more sustainable? If so, read on…


A good office design should always maximise natural light to ensure employees are exposed to the sun’s rays. That said, it’s impossible to eliminate the need for artificial light completely, particularly in the dark winter months.

How about energy-efficient light bulbs (LEDs) and/or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)? More energy efficient lighting can be achieved from reactive motion sensor lighting.

Exposure to natural light

Glass office partitions lets natural light stream into an office and instantly makes confined working fabulous. Additionally, you could introduce a skylight, which works particularly well in open plan offices.


It’s easy to overlook water conservation as a means of helping the environment. Embrace technology to reduce water consumption:

  • Tap Aerators —Help to save water by adding oxygen to the flow.
  • Motion Sensor Sink Taps —The water-saving equivalent of motion sensor lighting.
  • Dual Flushes —A flush with a small button and a bigger one, that’s a dual flush.

In addition to these elements, which can be installed during an office fit out or refurbishment, make sure you check for leaks.


The world of office furniture is playing a huge part in reducing its impact on the environment. Seek an office furniture manufacturer with an eco-friendly ethos and that holds one or more certifications from recognised bodies like, the Forest Stewardship Council

Encouraging “Go-Green” Initiatives

Provide staff with showering facilities which will benefit to those working in an office where they can enjoy cycling and running into work. Additionally, introduce an ultra-secure storage area for bikes. These will ensure that employees are more likely to follow through with go-green initiatives and help to reduce your carbon footprint.


Buildings need to be regularly checked for poor insulation. It’s wise to call an expert in to look at the building’s fabric and identify draughty gaps or holes in walls, windows, doors, and skylights. Lock in the heat and greatly improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Flooring and Carpet

Go green with your office flooring, ideas such as:

  • Cork Flooring
  • Eco-Friendly Carpet
  • Sustainable Hardwood Flooring

The Little Things…

If you’re not quite ready to overhaul your office design with new floor and lighting, there are a few things you can do to help the environment:

  • Biophilia (living walls)
  • Recycling Bins
  • Team Meeting Spaces (huddle zones)

Read more details about how to make your office more sustainable here.

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