Curtain wall facades are a common choice for all kinds of building projects, from residential apartments to office facilities and even healthcare and education settings. However, their hollow and lightweight aluminium mullions can
become an easy channel for unwanted noise to travel between adjoining rooms, potentially resulting in acoustically uncomfortable spaces, jeopardised privacy, and disrupted activities.

Addressing this weak interface at window mullions has been a challenge to get something that’s aesthetically pleasing and at the same time provides tested solutions to address airborne sound transition and an uninterrupted compartment line. The good news is that there are solutions available which prevent or even rectify the issue with minimal fuss.

Here, James Parlour, FIS Technical Manager looks at the new mullion liner solutions that have been designed to provide a simple yet robust approach to enhancing the acoustic performance of curtain wall facade systems.

Pictured: MC Mullion Cover from Siderise