SAS International uses three million protective pads per year to prevent damage to metal ceiling tiles during transit from its  factories to sites. With 50,000m² of metal ceiling products leaving just the Bridgend factory per week, it’s important to maintain quality and reduce waste.

Protective low-tack pads were first introduced in 2011 to  prevent tiles rubbing and  scratching in transit. They  replaced cardboard dividers that required cutting to order.

Phil Smith, group sales and marketing director at SAS International, said: “Twenty million pads were applied on products delivered all over the world. Then a small number of quality complaints came back about tabs leaving a visible mark on the tiles. We worked closely with 3M’s R&D team to develop a custom-made low-tack protective pad that did not mark.  This innovative solution required a custom-made compound, sourced from the USA, being combined with a composite adhesive.”

By introducing these simple but advanced protective pads, SAS International has reduced waste and speeded up production times.