In a year when Nevill Long and Armstrong are celebrating a partnership that spans more than half a century, Nevill Long’s managing director, Dave Bonner, reflects on the value of teaming up in business.  History has long demonstrated the value of the partnership. From Batman and Robin to Morecambe and Wise, Torvill and Dean to Bang and Olufsen, it’s clear that success and longevity is often achieved by a double act.           

And, just like a successful marriage built on trust and mutual respect, forged over years spent adapting to changes and embracing challenges, so too do business relationships strengthen and deepen with the passing of time when both parties share common goals.

Armstrong ceiling tiles being unloaded at Nevill Long’s Southall Depot in 1962

Back in the swinging sixties, Nevill Long placed its first order of Armstrong’s ceiling tiles, delivered by boat all the way from America. Little could either company have known back then how this simple business transaction would evolve into the strong, strategic alliance we’re proud to have fostered 55 years later.

Now, with over half a  century working closely together and heading towards our Diamond anniversary, our two companies know each other well. We might not be finishing each other’s  sentences but we do possess a common understanding and a keen desire to share innovation and market trends, to help each other succeed and to achieve great things within the interiors industry.

And, like all old married couples, we have words of wisdom to impart to those who follow; partnerships take time and effort to build, but the rewards are worth the work. Trust and integrity are the glue that hold a business relationship together through the tough times, and remembering that both sides of the equation are equally important will always stand you in good stead.

Armstrong sales director Graham Taylor (L) and Nevill long managing director Dave Bonner (R)

When we look back at all the collaborations, projects, new product launches and market innovations the businesses have welcomed together over the years, it’s hard not to feel a strong sense of pride and to take for granted the collaboration we’ve been used to for years of our working lives. But it’s vital to keep in mind that none of this would ever have been achieved without the first  conversations held in 1962 and all the efforts from both sides to  maintain the relationship ever since.

It truly does take two, to make the dream come true…


Dave Bonner
Managing director – Nevill Long