Tarmac’s breathable, fast-drying renovating lime plaster is an ideal choice for contractors when repairing a water-damaged property after a flood. 

Gypsum plaster absorbs and retains water, and readily degrades when immersed in water. Damaged plaster must be completely removed before it can be replaced. In contrast, a breathable, fast-drying renovating lime plaster, such as those from Tarmac’s Limelite brand, will help speed up the repair and finishing process by eliminating the need to completely replace the plaster each time flooding occurs.

Limelite ‘breathable’ plaster effectively controls damp passing through walls and provides a barrier against salt transfer. By allowing balanced moisture movement through the construction fabric, structural damage can be reduced and the substrate can dry naturally for quicker and cheaper remedial works.

The Environment Agency’s ‘What to do before, during and after a flood’ guide advocates the use of lime instead of gypsum plaster in the ‘Further steps to protect your property’ section.