In partnership with FIS, Payapps held a webinar to discuss how variations affect the industry and ask if they are one of the most pressing risks we face.

During the hour discussion hosted by Payapps Head of Partnerships, Angus McAlpine, Iain McIlwee, CEO at FIS, Bill Bordill, Quantum Expert at Decipher, and Kevin P’ng, Commercial Director at BW: Workplace Expert gave their expert views on the fundamental questions which included:

  • How are variations affecting the industry and are variations one of the biggest risks faced?
  • How can you ensure correct valuation and payment for construction variations and what are your rights?
  • What are the alternative methods of resolving variation-related disputes and how can disputes be avoided?
  • How can variations be minimised and is it the client’s role to assist with this?
  • What does a good variation process look – how can it be managed more efficiently upstream and downstream, and what part can technology play?

Payapps has created a report that details poll survey results and the discussions held during the webinar.

To read the report in full visit: