For many, living in a glorious rural location in a contemporary, minimalist home is the dream. The clean lines, open plan spaces and large expanses of glass to let the outside views and natural light flood in. Danny Reilly, his wife and their children were able to make that dream a reality.

Easy on the eye but hard on the ear

However, polished concrete floors, stone kitchen surfaces, floor to ceiling glass and other hard materials, reverberate sound. Add lively children to the mix and the unwanted noise was spoiling the family’s enjoyment of contemporary living.

Soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and carpets can help deaden sound to a limited extent but were not what the family wanted. Fortunately, Danny is the Manging Director of market leading Reilly Ceilings and knew exactly what do to get the acoustics in the family home under control.

Luckily Danny knew what he had to do

Danny Reilly, “As soon as we moved in, we discovered the noise was unbearable – not all of it made by my precious children – and immediately set about retro-fitting Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic.”

Mono Acoustic is a discreet, seamless acoustic ceiling which suited the minimalist aesthetic of this family’s home. Its seamless surface looks like plasterboard but has built-in Class A sound absorption to prevent unwanted noise. The installation in this project was a straightforward two stage process: stone wall panels were directly fixed to the existing plasterboard ceiling followed by a smooth acoustic render sprayed onto the panel surface, ready for decoration.

Industry recognition and accreditations

Rockfon Specification Manager, Deirdre Mulvaney, “Happily for the Reilly family, Danny had the knowledge to solve poor acoustics in this open plan environment. Mono Acoustic is used in high end restaurants, offices and other spaces to provide amazing acoustic control and is a practical solution for the residential sector, too. It has Quiet Mark accreditation which consumers might recognise as attributed to low-noise electrical appliances including some brands of washing machine and kettle. It is also Bronze level Cradle to Cradle Certified® and can contribute to LEED, BREAM and WELL Building Standards.”

A versatile seamless acoustic product

Mono can be used on ceilings, walls or to create bespoke islands. It can be curved, easily transitioned into plasterboard or integrated into existing mouldings. The system achieves Class A sound absorption and Class A2 fire protection whilst delivering greater than 99% light diffusion.

In common with other Rockfon acoustic systems, Mono is made with a core of naturally occurring, non-hygroscopic stone wool, which is virtually non-combustible and provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms. It also embodies high humidity resistance and is impervious to most environmental pressures.

Danny again, “Using Rockfon Mono, we were able to keep the minimalist features of the house and the results in terms of sound reverberation are unbelievable. We have another two children now and I honestly think that might not be the case if we hadn’t sorted out the unwanted noise!”