Minster, the distributor of interior, insulation and specialist building solutions, has now launched a 4th edition of its essential product catalogue. Featuring over 700 new products, including a completely new section dedicated to ceilings, it forms an indispensable resource for locating the best solutions reliably and efficiently.

The catalogue is divided into key sections from fire protection and acoustics to dry lining and thermal insulation, each of which is colour-coded to ensure ease of reference. Icons are used to highlight product characteristics, such as compliance with Building Regulations and environmental features, and an application guide makes it even easier to see where and how each product can be used.

As the Government looks to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and make our homes more energy efficient, Minster is on hand to help guide the industry in sourcing the most sustainable materials and solutions to meet this challenge. The new catalogue includes detailed advice on technologies such as External Wall Insulation and Solar Photovoltaics, alongside an extended range of products.

Through its partnership with Greenworks, Minster also offers a variety of training courses, from introductions to renewable technologies through to professional installer qualifications and Assessor courses. Further details on the Greenworks Training Academy are included in the introductory pages, alongside advice on current Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

To order your copy of this essential Product Guide, send an email request to: lee.cowling@minsteronline.co.uk.