When Jamie Morgan told his co-workers his brother-in-law David Hasselhoff would be visiting their building site they thought he was joking.

But true to his word, the Hoff and his wife Hayley pitched up at he new HMRC tax office site on Park Street, in Cardiff and spent two hours chatting to staff working for Sir Robert McAlpine and contractor SAM drylining.

Jamie, 40, from Glynneath, said the Baywatch and Knight Rider star was “a legend”, had a “heart of gold” and it “is a privilege to call him my brother in law.”

The Hoff is in Cardiff for a week and is due back next week for two family celebrations: Jamie’s wife Melissa is due to give birth to their first baby and it is Melissa and Hayley’s grandmother Jean McGuirk’s 90th birthday

Jamie, 40, from Glynneath, said he has told David about his work for some time and has wanted to show him around the site.

“David is never in Cardiff for long and I have asked him to come to the building site before,” he said.

“When I told all the workers, they all thought I was pulling their leg. Fair play to David and Hayley they both turned up and surprised everyone.

“They were in disbelief. David walked in and said ‘why you all quiet for? what’s wrong?’. He then spent ages taking pictures, autographs and talking to the staff and the managers.”

Earlier this week, the couple visited Cardiff Market to pick up a new suit for a family party.

Jamie says David loved the views from across the city, which included Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Castle.

David and Hayley even picked up a trowel and had a go at tape and jointing.

He added: “He describes the Principality Stadium as the best in the world. I was at his wedding and he was at mine and I’ve been telling him about my work.

“Most of the workers are middle aged so they grew up watching him and they loved it.

“All credit due he was unbelievably friendly with staff and was an enjoyable and an unforgettable day by all. The man is a legend and is a privilege to call him my brother in law and has a heart of gold.”

The site even ordered an ice cream van for the Hoff. Jamie says David is off to Germany tomorrow but will be returning to Wales next week.