CICV has released a new YouTube playlist titled “Effective Contract Management in Construction”. This series consists of seven panel discussion videos derived from the CICV Best Practice Guide, which aims to help Scottish contractors and subcontractors in refining their management of building contracts.

Overview of the playlist:

The videos provide essential strategies for improving payment practices and cash flow, enhancing cooperation, collaboration, and commitment, and heightening contractual awareness to prevent disputes and improve on-site efficiency. These strategies are illustrated through practical, real-life examples that underscore their relevance and applicability.

Panel experts are:

  • David MacDonald (Scottish Futures Trust)
  • Len Bunton (Bunton Consulting)
  • Ian Honeyman (Scottish Building Federation)
  • Ian McIlwee (Finishes and Interiors Sector)
  • Janey Milligan (Construction Dispute Resolution)

Key discussion topics:

  • Quality and defects
  • Payment schedules
  • Conflict avoidance strategies
  • Insurance coverage implications
  • Contract amendments
  • Tender qualifications
  • Managing variations

To watch the panel discussion videos visit: