Facilitated by FIS member and finance fit-out experts, Plus Finance, clients can lease high-quality flooring over an agreed contract period with professional installation, cleaning and uplift services included.

But what sets Circlease apart is its commitment to modularity, disassembly and reuse.

At the end of the contract, there is a commitment to reuse the flooring elsewhere, improving material circularity and reducing embodied carbon.

A circular approach for flooring

This is made possible by installing modular carpet, woven vinyl and Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) using reversible contamination-free IOBAC Tabs, so that on uplift both the flooring and sub-floor remain clean and easy to reuse.

These clever little tabs affix flooring securely throughout the lease yet ensure both the sub-floor and floor covering are left free from contamination from adhesives and screeds once the flooring is uplifted.  They were double award-winners at the recent FIS Awards, scooping accolades for Sustainability Innovation and overall Innovation of the Year.

The denefits

  • Circularity: Low-carbon flooring installed using IOBAC fixings for clean uplift and reuse, minimising waste and saving embodied carbon.
  • Protected Assets: Damage-free uplift preserves sub-floor assets, such as raised metal access flooring, allowing for reuse and eliminating high cleaning, dilapidation, and disposal costs at the end of lease.
  • Flexible Designs: Access a superior range of flooring options from manufacturers including Shaw Contract EMEA, Forbo, Bolon and Burmatex for longer-lasting flooring.
  • Improved Cash Flow: With no initial outlay, Circlease Floor Leasing frees up capital for other revenue projects, offering predictable operational expenditure for easier budgeting.

 Join the circular revolution

As product-as-a-service business models gain traction across the built environment, Circlease Floor Leasing offers a truly circular approach to flooring by prioritising material reuse.

Its long-term sustainability, design and cost benefits mean that flooring fit-out projects are now as kind to the planet as they are to the pocket.

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Enquire about becoming a Circlease promoter or service provider by contacting IOBAC at paul@iobac.com or ian@iobac.com.

For a no-obligation quote, contact Plus Finance on 01494 952361 or iobac@plusfinance.co.uk