British Gypsum has launched a new highperformance external sheathing solution, Glasroc X Sheathing Board, which is the first available to provide up to six months’ weather protection, as certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Glasroc X Sheathing Board has undergone rigorous testing to establish that it successfully meets all of the requirements of the BBA. This certification confirms that Glasroc X Sheathing Board will withstand all weather conditions when left exposed prior to the completion of the external facade, when used in conjunction with Glasroc X Screws and Glasroc X Sealant in accordance with the installation guidance.

The new sheathing board also has many practical installation benefits. It is approximately 35 per cent lighter than cement particle boards – resulting in it being significantly easier to handle and install on-site, which is especially important for contractors working at height. And, as with plasterboard, it is easy to score and snap with no need for sawing or specialist dust extraction equipment.