Siniat, the plasterboard manufacturer, has launched ‘Beef Up’ – a new promotion to help tradesmen provide higher-performance insulation for their clients.

The offer gives builders a free tub of bonding compound with every purchase of three GTEC Thermal XP or GTEC Thermal PIR Boards from their local merchant. The boards are a major upgrade compared with standard thermal plasterboards, and the offer encourages the trade to meet homeowners’ growing demand for higher levels of insulation.

Beef Up will launch on 1 April, when builders’ merchants will start promoting the offer with in-store displays and giveaways.  Fiona O’Callaghan, Marketing Communications Manager at Siniat, said: “ Beef Up is about making it easier for builders to offer those products – taking away cost, and giving an incentive to go beyond the basic boards.

Siniat’s GTEC XP Board comprises a GTEC Standard Board laminated to extruded polystyrene, resulting in a product that delivers a 22% improvement in performance over the more basic thermal board made with expanded polystyrene. The GTEC Thermal PIR board goes one step further, using rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam to provide a 55% improvement in thermal performance over the more basic board, and as it’s thin, it is ideal for applications where space is limited.