The newly refurbished Tipperary Museum of Hidden History has put the wellbeing of both its artefacts and guests first by extensively using MEDITE CLEAR in its brand-new interior fit-out, an MDF panel manufactured with zero-added formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a substance that occurs naturally in all organic materials, including wood, in very small amounts that may be off-gassed or emitted over time. This is acceptable as the levels of formaldehyde emitted are extremely low—virtually undetectable. However, for ancient or extremely old, fragile and extremely sensitive objects such as museum artefacts, which are irreplaceable, every effort must be taken to ensure their immediate environment is as clear of substances such as formaldehyde and other VOC’s, to help them last as long as possible.

After independent tests, MEDITE CLEAR has been proven to have a formaldehyde content of less than 1.0mg/100g—even less than the general outdoor ambient level. With this guarantee, museum curators are able to more accurately monitor and limit formaldehyde levels in their showrooms.

Ordinary wooden materials may contain a higher level of formaldehyde, or levels more difficult to accurately measure. When precious artefacts are to be protected, no chances can be taken. As a specially developed solution for this purpose, MEDITE CLEAR has been preferred over natural wood in some of the largest and most famous museums in the Europe, including London’s British Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum, for the level of indoor environmental control it offers.

Marie McMahon, curator for the Tipperary County Museum explains: “We have been thrilled to use MEDITE CLEAR to transform the museum during its recent refurbishment.

“It was a priority when embarking on the task to ensure the longevity of our artefacts—and the wellbeing of our visitors. MEDITE CLEAR was the answer.

“The entire floor has been completely re-designed and re-fitted with brand new display cases, plinths and stands. Over time, there is a definite tangible impact in the lifespan of an ancient or fragile artefact when it’s housed in a case constructed with MEDITE CLEAR compared to one made with regular wood panels. It’s a trustworthy product that has also proven to be extremely versatile and easy to work with in terms of machining and shaping.”

Independent tests have shown that the formaldehyde content of MEDITE CLEAR is

Formulated originally for sensitive interior applications such as hospitals, schools and care homes, for the health and wellbeing of building occupants, there is potential for MEDITE CLEAR to be used throughout public buildings and even modern homes, in positive efforts to help maintain the best indoor air quality possible. It’s suitable for use in non-stressed applications making it ideal for cabinets, display cases, furniture, fixtures and mouldings.

Located on Mick Delahunty Square, in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East, the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History officially opened following a launch in October 2019. Following a joint investment of €500,000 from Failte and Tipperary County Council, the museum’s renovation featured the use of 169 panels within the remodelling of the venue’s extensive display to the Tipperary public. It houses a collection of 25,000 artefacts from prehistory to present day, it is expected that it will attract at least 21,000 visitors over the next five years.

“MEDITE CLEAR is the ideal product for interior museum fit outs. We can be confident in its low formaldehyde content, helping us to preserve our incredibly precious artefacts.” said Marie.

The museum brings the county’s hidden history vividly to life through memorable historic characters and amazing stories. Using video projection, the venue aims to create a multi-layered and visual space for visits, also running a show designed to run parallel to school curriculums.

MEDITE CLEAR can be produced in a range of panel sizes and thicknesses (1220mm x 2440mm). Download a full datasheet and request a free sample here: