Knauf AMF has launched an innovative range of high-performance acoustic ceiling solutions. AMF TOPIQ is a soft board, fleece-lined rock mineral wool panel with a colour coating on the visible side and edges. The product is lightweight, provides the highest rating for fire safety and maximises sound absorption without having to be suspended a long distance from the ceiling.

Four styles are available. TOPIQ Prime ceiling tiles have a maximum sound absorption coefficient (aw) of 0.95, helping to absorb sound in the speech-related frequency range of 250 to 4000Hz. The TOPIQ Efficient Pro tile range helps to make meeting rooms, offices and other areas where private conversations take place even quieter as the tiles achieve the highest sound absorption coefficient of 1.0.

The TOPIQ Efficient Pro Hygena ceiling tiles have an anti-microbial coating which is resistant to the growth of bacteria and mould, making them a good option for areas with stringent moisture-resistance requirements and strict hygiene standards.

All AMF TOPIQ ceiling tiles come in sizes 600 x 600mm, 600 x 1200mm and 625 x 1250mm.

TOPIQ Sonic Element are frameless ceiling rafts that can be used to create a monolithic finish. The rafts are installed with fixing wires attached to anchor points on the rafts to give the impression of floating. Different shapes and colours are available and each raft is fully colour coated on all sides.