The latest training prospectus from Greenworks has now been published, offering customers of Jewson, Graham, Gibbs & Dandy and Minster access to a wide variety of sustainable building courses. The Greenworks Training Prospectus for the first time incorporates a Green Deal Training Guide detailing specific courses aimed at those wishing to take advantage of the recently launched Government initiative.  

The new Greenworks Training Prospectus provides a detailed overview of a variety of courses covering renewable technologies and sustainable building methods – offering a combination of introductory and qualification based sessions. The prospectus also highlights new courses on offer including the installation of BG Internal Wall Insulation Systems.

For any trade professional looking to take advantage of the Green Deal, the Greenworks Training Prospectus outlines the relevant courses within its Green Deal Training Guide. These include: the Green Deal Energy Assessor Course and the Green Deal Installer Business Support Sessions.

In addition, Greenworks has become the first Merchant training provider to offer customers the External Wall Insulation (EWI) Up Skill (PAS: 2030) course, which allows existing plasterers and renderers to gain the necessary qualification to install EWI within the remit of the Green Deal and ECO.   

“Greenworks provides a vital function – by helping trade professionals to up skill where necessary, allowing them to expand their offering and generate new areas ofincome,” explained Marcus Jefford, Operations Director at Greenworks. “For those now looking to take advantage of the Green Deal – Greenworks can quite literally put them on the right path, providing the required qualifications, education and support throughout the process.”

Greenworks is the UK’s recognised authority and market expert in sustainable building products and solutions; providing construction professionals throughout thesupply chain with in-depth advice and a variety of support on sustainable building solutions, including renewable energy products. Through its specialist Training Academy, Greenworks also provides a range of industry leading practical and classroom based training and e-learning modules.

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