Optima launches Reuse Service

Optima launches Reuse Service

Optima has launched its Reuse Service, developed with both clients and the environment in mind. The Reuse initiative offers a tailored service to enhance the environmental performance of Optima’s glass partitions and doors.

Here, Optima explains what the Reuse Service is and how it works.

As a UK manufacturer, we continually look for factors that distinguish us as a leader in the development of environmentally sustainable products and processes. This allows us to offer our clients the best performing solutions to suit their design requirements. With this in mind, we have introduced the Reuse Service for our glass partitions and doors. Developed with both our clients and the environment in mind, this initiative offers a tailored service to enhance the environmental performance of any project.

What is the Reuse Service?

The Reuse Service is an initiative that enables our clients to incorporate previously installed Optima glass partitions and doors into their new designs. Not only does the reuse of our products provide our clients with a smart way to utilise our bespoke systems but it also extends the lifecycle of the product. Therefore, the whole design then contributes to the circular economy, building more sustainable, greener spaces fit for the future.

Reuse is nothing new for us at Optima, thanks to the modular nature of our glass partitioning systems, we have worked on several reuse projects over the years. The Optima Special Works (OSW) team is dedicated to supporting existing clients. Designed to allow for lifecycle change, adaptation and reuse, our solutions offer infinite design possibilities.

How it works

The process begins with the client’s decision to reuse their existing systems, with the aim to seamlessly integrate them back into their new design. Next, our experienced team will perform a site survey to assess both the quality and viability of the products for reuse. From here we will create a glass schedule that covers a full inspection of each panel, labelling, and identifying any issues, this then forms the basis of an action plan. Furthermore, we will inspect all existing trackwork for any structural damage or aesthetic blemishes. From this we can establish which products are fit for reuse and which will be separated for the appropriate recycling.

The next stage is for our design team to begin incorporating all the repurposed products into the client’s new bespoke design, reintegrating them back into the material supply chain. Reusing our products offers many environmental benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions to lower material resource depletion and pollution. The final stage of this green initiative is to demount and reinstall our systems within the client’s new design. Our highly trained installations team will work carefully and efficiently to deliver exceptional customer service and the highest quality installation, on-time and within budget.

Enhancing sustainability

It is crucial that we minimise material resource use and ultimately reduce our effect on the environment. Developed with the circular economy in mind the new Reuse Service aims to maximise the reusability of our glass partitioning systems, offering a sustainable way to enhance the built environment. This also supports our products in achieving their full potential, boosting the reuse of valuable materials. As a result, the initiative allows us to extend the lifespan of our products whilst reducing any unnecessary waste and new material usage.

Furthermore, by reducing the material manufacturing stage, the Reuse Service inherently minimises the level of associated greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing the overall environmental performance of any repurposed project. By reusing existing partitioning systems, our clients can take advantage of several sustainable benefits. Lowering the embodied impact of our partitioning systems and reducing the energy requirements of material manufacture and the associated emissions are just a few of these benefits. The service can further benefit our clients in helping their projects to achieve several environmental certifications, from WELL and BREEAM to Ska and LEED.

Want to know how you can take full advantage of the Reuse Service? Speak with one of our expert sales team today by emailing action@optimasystems.com