Acoustic ceiling solutions manufacturer OWA UK has extended the design flexibility of its high-performance metal ceilings range with the launch of a new ‘RAW metal’ rust effect surface coating.

Designed to complement the established OWAtecta metal ceiling system collection, the new ‘RAW metal’ colour offers an attractive and textured rust-brown aesthetic.

‘RAW metal’ is available for all systems within the OWAtecta metal ceiling collection which is ideally suited for use across the sectors, from commercial office spaces and retail projects to education and healthcare. The collection offers a range of designer and acoustic solutions, including clip-in and lay-in ceiling tiles, ceiling support systems, clear spanning planks, baffles, innovative rafts, one-piece canopies, and wall absorbers.

The new ‘RAW metal’ surface coating has already captured the imagination of architects and contractors alike and has been used to great effect on a new office project for home technology company Shark Ninja at London’s recently redeveloped Battersea Power Station.

‘RAW metal’ can be applied to all panel types, from the bold look of Rd1522 perforation to the almost invisible micro perforation of Rg0702. An unperforated plain tile and mesh patterns are also available, so that the most appropriate finish can be chosen to meet individual design preferences and acoustic requirements. High absorption values are achievable with the addition of fleece covered acoustic pads. OWAtecta metal ceiling systems are also non-flammable, with an A2 fire rating.

Benefitting from the technical expertise and heritage of OWA’s position as a global manufacturer, OWA UK is well placed to meet the needs of specifiers and installers working in the UK market by providing innovative product solutions and practical support both on and off site. The OWA UK team offers several consultancy services, including concept design and planning assistance, project specifications, installation guidance and acoustic recommendations.

To find out more about OWAtecta metal ceiling systems, or to speak to OWA UK about your next project, please visit or email