OWA UK has launched its new ‘Best Sellers’ range – a collection of high-performance metal and mineral ceiling tiles and grids that are held in UK stock for reduced lead times and faster deliveries.

The new collection has been curated to support OWA UK’s sub-contractor customers and distributor partners by giving a clear and concise overview of the most popular and competitively priced solutions available. The range includes OWA UK’s classic mineral and premium acoustic mineral tiles together with perforated and plain powder coated metal tiles.

Full details of OWA UK’s ‘Best Sellers’ range is available in a new brochure which can be downloaded at www.owa-ceilings.co.uk

The featured products are held in stock by OWA UK and are usually available, depending on quantity required, within three to five working days. These include three white mineral tiles suitable for general use in OWA UK’s most popular face patterns – Constellation, Sandila/O (plain) and Sandila/N (needled). For increased acoustic performance, OWA UK can offer six products for different applications, including Brillianto A with class A acoustic absorption for use in noisy open plan spaces such as classrooms and call centres, hygienic Humancare Sinfonia for healthcare applications, Ocean 100% RH for washrooms and high humidity areas, Sinfonia Privacy with high acoustic insulation for private spaces and Sinfonia Black, which suits a darker interior theme.

Also included within OWA UK’s ‘Best Sellers’ collection are a number of essential accessories such as T-grids and suspension systems, as well as specialist products to suit specific performance requirements and designs. These include Mezz Pro, a perforated mineral ceiling tile with 60 minutes fire resistance for use under mezzanine floors, and a choice of four premium 600 x 600 mm metal tiles; clip-in, clip-in security, T24 lay-in (all available as plain or perforated) and T15 perforated lay-in.

The full range of OWA UK’s ‘Best Sellers’, which are always held in UK stock, are available via the manufacturer’s nationwide distribution partners.

More information can be requested from OWA UK’s regional sales team or by emailing enquiries@owa-ceilings.co.uk or to view the full range of products please visit www.owa-ceilings.co.uk