Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics have recently completed a phased installation to two towers in Canary Wharf, London. Installing 1500m2 of Bowiq Acoustic Plaster on the East and West towers through a phased installation, phase 2 has now been completed with great results.

The floors will be used as office space and required reverberation control to regulate unwanted sound. The client design team needed a system that could be installed onto the steel galvanised corrugated rib deck structure and required special colour, Terracotta blue and a light green for the theme of the spaces.

The solution

Pacy and wheatley Acoustics worked with BPC Interiors where they were asked to install 25mm Bowiq product Bo spray which is a highly acoustical seamless spray plaster based on recycled cellulose that can be applied in high layer thicknesses in a single application and can be directly applied to the Rib deck and most other surfaces.

The product can vary in thickness up to 40mm to create the required sound absorption to suit requirements and achieves a class A at 40mm. Standard Colours are available as well as custom RAL colours upon request.

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