Hudl is a global sports analyst company, using captured film and data to provide specific insight for individual sports teams to develop their performance, giving them the edge over their competitors.

Client’s Brief
Hudl were an existing client of Rap Interiors after they appointed the team to complete their initial London Office fit out in 2017. The client wanted to work with Rap Interiors again to implement their new high-end office interior design scheme to refresh their workspace and entice staff back into the office following the impacts of Covid. They wanted to update the space with a new lease of life, injecting yet more of the company’s culture, vision and branding. Hudl also required an additional meeting space as well as a new layout to accommodate more desking and free-standing booths.

Office Refurbishment Solution
The Rap Interiors projects team communicated weekly with the American-based clients, via video conferencing, in order to oversee and mange every stage of the fit out project effectively. This was key in ensuring the execution of high-level detail and features within the fit out, whilst also keeping their offices operational, working around employees coming into the offices three days a week, and therefore operating a live site.

New Meeting Room
In the original office fit out, one corner had a relaxed meeting space and break out area which wasn’t fully utilised.  As a solution the area was reconfigured and partitioned off with a glass sliding door with branded manifestation, creating a private meeting room and therefore optimising the use of the space.  The meeting room had new poseur height meeting table and seating installed, as well as integrated technology to facilitate video calls and hybrid working.

Main Office Area Refurbishment
Within the main office area, a bright orange mesh ceiling raft originally spanned across a wide area of the ceiling.  This was taken down and adapted to make it a narrower and run along the walkways either side of the central booth seating, mirroring the running track on the floor.  The narrower and streamlined ceiling rafts highlight and echo the walk ways, guiding the occupants through the space as they move about their day to day office activities.

New flooring was installed throughout, alongside new feature lighting and office furniture solutions. The office benefitted from new poseur height collaboration tables and stools, whilst their existing height adjustable desks were sustainably re-used for their hot desking operations.

Existing booth seating was repositioned to allow more space for freestanding Zoom booths, which were named after British sporting icons, continuing the theme from the original office fit out.  The seat pads were re-covered with a hard wearing black faux leather finish ensuring longevity. The new positions of the booths created a void between two booths that initially was planned to be filled with a purpose built graphics wrapped hollow column.  During the fit out process, our projects team suggested the column could be better utilised for storage which the clients liked.  The column was then designed to be a two door cupboard with hidden catch releases. The cupboard was made from plywood so the planned graphics could still be applied.

New decorative features emphasise the company’s culture and branding, seen in the pennant flags hung on American limed oak using specific black screws, highlighting the attention to detail within the office interior design scheme. The carefully considered design is also evidenced in the exact positioning of the lines on the racetrack from the dartboard as the oche point for darts.

New feature walls were added throughout the space transforming blank walls with bold eye-catching graphics. The statement focal points reinforce the brand image throughout the offices whilst creating an engaging and inspirational workspace.

New Breakout Area
The existing breakout area was defined further by enclosing the space with the addition of a new wall dividing the space between the breakout area and main office.  A bespoke wall mounted media unit was built including specific design details such as metal edging framing the TV area within the wall. Further features include a metal cut out map decal window to one side of the TV, looking through into the main office.  The map lines up with the wall graphic on the opposite side of the wall which includes a map of the local area where the office is located on it. To the other side of the TV, motivational acrylic text adds further exquisite design features and focal points within the space, once again emphasising the company’s ethos and culture.

Boardroom and Meeting Room Updates
The boardroom and meeting and rooms were updated with the addition of new LED oval halo suspended feature lighting and new acoustic wall panels to allow for the adjusted heights of the new wall mounted TVs. A fitted desk in a meeting room was removed and replaced with a height adjustable desk offering flexibility for the occupants to utilise.

Lobby Area
The client wanted a stronger presence in the lobby area prior to entering the offices.  The team installed further branded wall graphics with corporate colours and an acrylic stand-off logo.

The Results
The project did come with challenges but with the expertise of the Rap Interiors’ project managers meant that any issues were overcome, solutions were found, and the team were able to deliver the desired end result that the client wanted.

Hudl now have inspiring, inviting and motivational office spaces full of exquisite design details and high spec finishes that have been executed to an exemplary standard. The Hudl team have a flexible workspace offering various options for staff to utilise according to their individual preferences and needs.  This unique project has a strong identity that ties back to the company’s culture and ethos, reflecting their industry throughout.  The space is now refreshed with a new on trend feel that will attract the work force back to the office to enjoy their working week.

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