The Chicago Metallic T15 Click 2790 and T24 Click 2890 are two new, easy to install ceiling grids from ROCKFON.

Made from galvanised steel, ROCKFON say that the 15mm and 24mm grids are very strong and stable. They are accurate to install thanks to a helpful audible ‘click’ which sounds when the components connect into position, enabling faster installation times on site.  The universal main runner is versatile, accepting both click and hook cross tees. The longer, joggled-end cross tee provides easy installation from a distance.

The grids can be demounted and remounted time and time again without the need for special tools, and more importantly, without causing damage to the grid. Both grids can be cut on site, if required.  Designed to fit with A, E and X edge ceiling tiles; concealed, semi-concealed or fully exposed ceiling designs can be achieved, which are suitable for every application area.

The new Chicago Metallic T15 Click 2790 and T24 Click 2890 have the highest classification for Reaction to Fire: A1, and Class B for Corrosion. They are backed with a 15 year guarantee and are fully recyclable.

The grid systems are available from all major UK distributors.