SAS International has launched System 810 Tricell, an open cell ceiling which is an aesthetic development of the well-established Trucell System. The new Tricell option provides specifiers with an alternate cell pattern which delivers an impactful, unbroken and monolithic appearance.

SAS Santiago-030_rev3System 810 Tricell is ideal for public spaces such as airports, shopping centres, leisure facilities and commercial offices because it facilitates easy airflow management and rapid smoke extraction, crucial in high-traffic areas.

Comprising open cell triangular aluminium modules, which were specifically designed to lay onto a 15mm Tee suspension grid, the lightweight ceiling tiles can easily integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. The Tricell modules’ turned-out edges lay onto the flanges of the exposed grid system, forming a parallelogram which measures 876mm x 876mm and is offset at a 60 degree angle. The specification of the Tricell system can be altered to meet specific building requirements.

The new system offers various advantages, including a minimum life expectancy of 25 years and access to the ceiling void gained by lifting the panels out of the grid, allowing for ease of maintenance. Furthermore, decorative lighting and LED can be installed within single or multiple adjacent cells, as well as fire detection, control systems, air conditioning and other services within the ceiling void.