Recognising the company’s work and commitments in the net zero space, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has appointed SIG UK as one of the latest CO2nstructZero Business Champions. This appointment is the latest in a series of partnerships for SIG UK further underlining the dedication to reaching net zero goals.

CO2nstructZero is a programme from the CLC which sets out a framework for how the construction industry can achieve Net Zero by 2050. Within the programme are nine priorities which provide focus and a roadmap for the industry to meet the Net Zero goal. Business Champions are organisations whose actions and values align to these nine priorities.

Through a commitment to reach net zero in scope 1 and 2, including business travel by 2035, SIG UK has been awarded the Business Champion title. SIG UK has developed a UK road map for current initiatives to achieve this goal, including setting annual targets for the business.

As well as reducing internal carbon footprint, SIG UK is working closely with suppliers to understand their sustainability goals and has implemented additional information requests to capture product and manufacturer sustainability information. With this, SIG UK is aiming to drive greater clarity and awareness down the supply chain.

Lorna Stork, Environment, Sustainability and Governance Director, spoke on the appointment. “Becoming a CO2nstructZero Business Champion helps demonstrate the commitment by SIG UK to net zero targets. I believe SIG UK is uniquely placed to help drive change in the industry and by becoming a Business Champion, the business is better placed to help implement real change and support the industry become net zero by 2050.”