Featuring bespoke sizing, design, easy installation, and use of sustainable materials, the Acoura ceiling system by Soundtect offers a highly customisable acoustic solution that can elevate your project to new heights of comfort and style.

Riddel Hall Project for Todd Architects
Acoura was enlisted to tackle the dual challenge of improving speech intelligibility and reducing reverberation in a lecture theatre at Queen’s Belfast University. Through strategic placement and adaptable design, Acoura panels effectively minimised reverberation, creating an optimal environment for clear communication and enhanced learning experiences.

Expanding beyond the lecture theatre, Acoura was seamlessly integrated into breakout rooms and study areas, where its ability to absorb and diffuse sound proved invaluable for fostering focused study and collaboration.

City workspace project
For this workspace redesign, HOP Interiors sought a solution to the challenges of noise control in an expansive open-plan environment.

Leveraging Acoura’s capabilities, strategic placement of the acoustic ceiling panels effectively transformed the workspace into a hub of productivity. Zoned working areas, delineated by Acoura’s sleek design, provided employees with the peace and quiet needed to excel in their tasks while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere.

In both projects, Acoura has provided a versatile and effective acoustic solution, blending functionality with aesthetics to create spaces that not only look exceptional but also sound exceptional.

Acoura: Tailored Solutions for Every Space
Acoura offers unparalleled adaptability, giving architects and designers a myriad of options to tailor acoustic solutions to their exact specifications. Clients can choose the length, depth, and width of the u-shaped channels, as well as the spacing in between, to work with any ceiling and existing M&E restrictions.

Ease of installation is another hallmark of Acoura’s versatility, thanks to its innovative bespoke carrier system. This user-friendly feature simplifies the installation process, allowing panels to be effortlessly installed and reinstalled as needed, ensuring quick access to ceiling services without disruption.

With a large range of Freestyle colour options and wood-effect finishes, Acoura offers designers a wealth of aesthetic possibilities. From bold statements to subtle accents, the choice is yours, with the added flexibility to match any wood finish and complement existing design schemes.

Like all Soundtect products, Acoura is crafted from third-generation recycled PET. By utilising recycled materials, Acoura not only reduces waste but also minimises the demand for new resources, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Soundtec thas zero CO2 emissions and zero water emissions. Utilising solar power for its factory, the company has earned several awards for its contributions to the environment, especially as the product’s core material comprises post-consumer plastic with low VOC content.

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