FPDC has held the first meeting of the Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP) working group and work has begun on this scheme which is designed to give greater opportunity for bringing the existing workforce up to a recognised NVQ standard.

Operatives will have up to a year to complete and each SUP tends to consist typically of 5-15 days of training.

Steve Halcrow, FPDC’s executive director said: “The intention is to take the existing workforce and provide training opportunities where they may need to ‘fill in gaps’ in their knowledge and skills in order to qualify for the NVQ award. Crucially it will enable funding to be available for Labour Only Sub-contractor operatives, whereas previously they have had to be directly employed in order to qualify.”

FPDC will be working simultaneously on two SUPs, one for drylining and one for SFS systems. These are to NVQ Level 2 at this stage, with a view to developing a Level 3 program early in the new year.

The content of the SUP is being finalised now and the target is to complete this during November. After this the SUP will be made available to all and we will also be able to announce which training providers are going to be offering training that will enable operatives to complete the program.

For more information contact FPDC on 020 7634 9480