External wall insulation and render provider SPSenvirowall has announced an exclusive UK partnership with specialist cladding manufacturer Dynamic Cladding.

The move marks SPSenvirowall’s first expansion into the external rain screen cladding market and brings A1 non-combustible and bomb blast-rated cladding systems to the UK for the first time.

Dynamic Cladding’s glass rainscreen system has achieved the highest fire rating possible and its stone cladding is the only one in Europe that achieved a bomb blast rating. Both will now be available in the UK for the first time through the exclusive partnership with SPSenvirowall.

“This is not only an important move for us as a business, but for the industry as a whole,” said Paul Winwood, managing director of SPSenvirowall. “We have now become a whole solution for architects and developers who want to bring all aspects of a project together under one supplier, combining external wall insulation, render and cladding; a true mix use.

“The partnership is also bringing some of the world’s highest safety rated cladding products to the UK market for the first time, opening up opportunities for higher level specification. Dynamic Cladding products are ETA approved, which meets and goes beyond BBA  requirements.”

The products that are now available in the UK include DynaPanel Glass & Stone systems, both frameless and without face fixings, also DynaPanel Stone Veneer for interior wall linings and feature areas.

Daniel Thompson, development manager at Dynamic Cladding, said: “We made the decision to develop glass and stone cladding in 2015. We could see the fashion of coloured glass cladding developing, particularly in airports and rail stations. They are scratch and graffiti resistant, easy to clean and the colours never fade. We set out to create a glass cladding with the highest possible fire rating in order to give it as many application opportunities as possible.

“Stone has always been a popular material but it has weight and cost limitations. Again, our priority became to create lightweight, versatile stone cladding that allowed faster installation and significantly reduced its weight. Our product is now up to 70% lighter than traditional stone systems and up to 50% thinner.

SPSenvirowall sells in excess of 1 million square metres of external wall insulation per year.