Steel Frame Systems – Overview

Lightweight steel frame systems are suitable for virtually all types of construction. They provide  effective solutions for the demands of modern methods of construction and have accounted for 70% of all non-domestic framed multi-storey buildings over the last 10 years

The lightweight steel frame system industry continues to experience tough trading conditions according to the FPDC Q3 2013 FPDC State of Trade survey, despite signs that the market is starting to improve.

As with the vast majority of sectors in the construction industry, steel framing or ‘steel frame systems’ has experienced a sharp drop in demand for services and products because of the difficul conditions created by the recession. Competition for new contracts is intense with price being the deciding factor, driving down the value of contracts.

Profit margins are taking a hit but as the economy begins to recover a resurgence in the downstream non-residential should have a positive effect on businesses operating in the sector.

Research by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has shown that prices for structural steel dropped in 2008. Caused by over capacity after the fall in demand caused by the recession, prices continued to fall during 2009 before stabilising. Compared to March 2008, output had fallen by almost 35% by early 2010.

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