Turner & Townsend International construction market survey 2021.

Taking stock of the construction industry

Turner & Townsend’s 2021 international construction market survey takes stock of how the construction industry is doing, the challenges it faces – and the rewards on offer.

It examines how the strains imposed by diverging growth rates and intense competition for resources are placing speed bumps in the path of accelerating capital investment.

The company’s regional teams of experts have compiled detailed construction cost and sentiment data from 90 markets around the world, to build up an unmatched picture of how the global supply chain is handling the surge in capital spending.

It pinpoints where these two forces – rapidly rising demand and constrained supply – are colliding to drive up input costs and schedule risk.

Read the full report here.

FIS will be joined by George Mokhtar, Director, technology at Turner and Townsend at its virtual Conference on 29 September. You can reserve your place here.