British Gypsum is reporting an overwhelmingly positive response and burgeoning sales of ThistlePro® FastSet Finish – its new rapid-setting plaster – in the first three months since its launch to the UK market.

Introduced in April, ThistlePro FastSet Finish is a high-performance skim finish plaster, ideal for a wide range of repairs and use on smaller internal walls and ceilings due to its fast-setting attributes.

It has proved a major hit with tradespeople across the UK, with dozens of plasterers taking to social media to sing its praises. Comments include: “A brilliant solution to a real problem”; “I’ve definitely found my Friday plaster. A walk-in wardrobe smashed out in no time thanks to FastSet Finish”; and “It sets in half the time of normal plaster. It’s absolutely brilliant, it’s fantastic for the little jobs on the way home so you’re not sat around waiting.”

The sentiments were echoed by merchants themselves, with feedback such as: “Branches that have taken stock are (saying) their customers love the product… it’s an easy sell to customers” and reports that stocks of ThistlePro FastSet Finish have sold out within just two hours of arriving in store.

While in many instances the product is being used for patching and repairs, merchants have also reported numerous examples of ThistlePro FastSet Finish being employed on other jobs where there is a tight schedule.

ThistlePro FastSet Finish typically sets in half the time of standard skim finish plaster, with no compromise on performance. This enables more rapid completion of projects, maximising customer satisfaction and allowing plasterers to move on to their next project sooner too.

A complete all-in-one bagged product, it also negates the need for plasterers to use additives or other methods to speed up setting times, a practice which can impact on overall plaster performance and potentially void the product guarantee.

Paul Cassidy, Product Portfolio Development Director at British Gypsum, explained: “We’re absolutely delighted with the response from the sector to ThistlePro FastSet Finish since its launch.

“So often, speed is of the essence in building projects – other tasks must be completed after plastering, so a product which dries quickly while still delivering optimal performance is vital.

“ThistlePro FastSet Finish typically sets in just one hour, while still offering the performance attributes associated with the wider ThistlePro range which has become the ‘go-to’ choice for thousands of plasterers across the UK.”

British Gypsum’s ThistlePro range also features ThistlePro PureFinish, ThistlePro DuraFinish and ThistlePro Magnetic, which are designed to provide better indoor air quality, a more durable finish and the option of creating interactive spaces. For more information on British Gypsum’s ThistlePro range, visit