The new $30 million facility in Warrington, UK, is expected to open in 2025 creating 50 new jobs

Warringtonfire has announced plans to open a new facility in Warrington, UK in 2025. The new facility will be the largest in the UK and provide fire testing, technical and certification services.

Customer demands for Warringtonfire’s product testing are set to continue to grow significantly, due to increasing regulatory requirements, the introduction of additional standards, the rising importance of third-party certification and product assurance as well as the need for shorter testing lead times. The new facility will meet this increased demand; it will represent an almost 80% increase in size over its existing facility in the region and is expected to triple Warringtonfire’s testing capacity in the medium term.

The new facility, which is being built at Birchwood Park near Warrington, will add unique capabilities including eight state-of-the-art fire resistance testing furnaces, comprising three horizontal and three vertical furnaces (designed to evaluate the fire performance of different products or assemblies built either horizontally or vertically), and two indicative furnaces (which provide a very focused testing method to quantify the ability of a material or assembly to withstand exposure to high temperatures). The new facility will also provide larger preparation areas to improve workflow as well as higher quality and more accessible customer reception and viewing areas.

In line with the commitment to be more sustainable, the new facility will implement extensive measures to reduce energy use, maintain air quality and potential environmental impacts, including built-in recycling systems, energy-efficient fans, plus smoke & odour capture and treatment. The new facility will create over 50 new jobs in the Warrington region, with a commitment to training and upskilling new and existing employees. The 200 strong team will be one of the world’s largest teams of fire technical experts.

Jason Dodds, VP of Warringtonfire, said: “Our new fire testing facility in Warrington is a major investment in the region and a statement of our ambition for the business. We are excited to be expanding into Birchwood Park and undertake our essential product testing in this state-of-the-art business park.

“The new facility will significantly improve Warringtonfire’s testing offering for our customers, providing a faster and more wider ranging service, as well as expanded access to technical excellence delivered by the foremost experts in the fields of fire testing and certification. It will solidify our position as the go-to partner for fire testing and related services and broaden our ability to serve customers across the value chain. Using best in class building design and new technology, we will also be able to greatly improve our environmental footprint, which is incredibly important to us as a company and is becoming increasingly important for our customers.”

Warringtonfire’s existing facility will continue to operate at full capacity while the new facility is under construction. Following the transfer of fire resistance testing to Birchwood Park, part of the existing facility will be used to create a center of excellence for reaction to fire testing, which are smaller scale tests including spread of flame and heat release.

Construction of the new 101k sq. ft. facility has begun and is expected to be completed in 2025. The total investment in the new facility will be circa $30 million. The designers were TP Bennett Architects and Hoare Lea and construction is being managed by Arcadis with Tilbury Douglas as the principal contractor carrying out the works.

Warringtonfire specialises in providing comprehensive testing and certification services related to infrastructure, with a portfolio of services including fire resistance and reaction to fire testing, security, durability and weather testing, product certification and inspection.  Warringtonfire works with key stakeholders at every stage of the project lifecycle, from architects and designers to contractors and developers, planning and local authorities, building owners and operators and product manufacturers. The new enhanced facility will be of particular use for product manufacturers for their R&D development for bringing a product to market or for achieving certification.