Wetherby Building Systems is the first EWI provider in the UK to gain BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification for a graphite-enhanced ‘grey’ EPS insulation board to be used with both silicone and dash render finishes.

The new certifications approve Wetherby’s EpsiTherm insulation board to be used with its Epsiwall (silicone) and Epsicon (dash) systems for new and existing domestic and non-domestic buildings. The key factors assessed to achieve the certification were thermal performance, strength and stability, along with behaviour in relation to fire and risk of condensation.

Grey EPS insulation systems thermally outperform standard white EPS due to their lower K-value, meaning that lower thicknesses are required to achieve required U-values. EpsiTherm insulation comprises expanded beads of polystyrene that incorporate a graphite component, which are then fused together in a pressurised steam-heated mould. Using a thickness of just 90mm, EpsiTherm can meet required u-values without too much disruption to the external envelope.

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