Founded in 1973 by Barry Bates, Komfort Partitioning this year marks its half a century in the partitioning business.

Jim Smith, Komfort’s managing director said: ‘We are proud of our long-standing relationships built on service, flexibility, quality of product and technical support. Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists deliver the architect’s vision through our extensive contractor network.  In 2023 we are celebrating our 50th anniversary with events throughout the year and we are looking forward to the next half century!’

Barry visited the team at Komfort Crawley in February 2023 to mark setting up the company and to celebrate its anniversary.  During his visit Barry recounted how Komfort got its name. When asked ‘what is it this company will do?’ he wrote on a piece of scrap card ‘Comfortable Offices’ then crossed out the ‘C’ and replaced it with a ‘K’ and Komfort was Konceived.

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