Lots of organisations are using apprenticeships as an essential tool to boost skills and improve productivity, helping them to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, some employers are taking the difficult decision to make apprentices redundant. These apprentices are eager to continue their apprenticeships with new organisations.

They’ve already gained valuable skills and they’re ready to put their learning into practice, so employers are likely to get a quick return on investment.

Affected apprentices are already signing up to the apprenticeship vacancy sharing service.  To find out more click here

How can hiring a redundant apprentice improve productivity?

Rob Dodds, Apprentice Coordinator at Unipres UK Ltd, hired an apprentice who had been made redundant, and he was keen to share his experience with the National Apprenticeship Service.

“Straight away our apprentice was able to hit the ground running, as he had some of the skills and knowledge required to do the job. The department found that they needed to spend less time showing some of the tasks, which made them more productive.

From our point of view, hiring a redundant apprentice was a great success – we got someone with some of the skills and knowledge required so we had to spend less time on training.”