British Gypsum has unveiled a new range of ceiling solutions specifically designed to improve indoor air quality. The move follows the introduction of ACTIVair, a mineral additive that converts and stores volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and prevents their re-emission back into the atmosphere.

British Gypsum has developed ACTIVair after recognising the potential harmful effects of impurities and pollutants, such as VOCs, on health and wellbeing. Paul Campbell, Commercial Sector Marketing Manager, explains: “VOCs are emitted from everyday items like furnishings, cleaning products and even construction materials, and whilst they don’t pose a problem in small doses, prolonged, long-term exposure can cause headaches, lack of concentration, rapid fatigue and even exacerbate asthma. With this in mind, and on the basis that the UK population on average spends 80 per cent of their lives in enclosed spaces, indoor air quality is critical.”

ACTIVair technology, which initially will be available across the company’s Gyptone ceiling tiles and boards, works by capturing and neutralising VOCs, and turning them into inert, non-toxic compounds. In fact, during independent testing, ACTIVair was found to reduce VOC concentration levels by 70 per cent[1]. This capability makes ACTIVair solutions ideal for buildings such as schools and hospitals which are regularly used by vulnerable groups, as well as spaces like commercial offices and hotels which are occupied for prolonged periods.

When creating ACTIVair, British Gypsum also considered the long-term requirements of these major building projects. Paul continues: “Specifiers and their clients want a solution that lasts, so we’ve developed ACTIVair to be effective for at least 50 years and it even functions through a paint finish. In terms of legislative requirements, the presence of ACTIVair has no bearing on other qualities such as fire or acoustic performance, and the products can be installed, handled and recycled in the same way as their counterparts.”

Alongside practical considerations, ACTIVair can also support specifiers in tackling BREEAM standards by specifically addressing the ‘indoor air quality’ element of the system.

ACTIVair is available within the Gyptone and for more information, visit