According to Nigel Higgins, FIS Technical Engagement Manager two new FIS members are ‘getting it right’ when managing their obligations under the Building Safety Act (BSA). Editor David Crowson explores further why Nigel made this confident statement.

Prior to becoming an FIS member both Gridlocked and B&K Systems were visited by Nigel who carried out the on-site vetting part of the membership application process. Nigel explained that this is the most enjoyable part of his role as he gets to meet the people who make the company tick and visiting their site is a great way to assess the ethos of a company and how they deliver a project.

He said: “As part of the vetting process, in conjunction with our FIS Quality Framework tool PPP (Product Process People) and based on what we have learned from our FIS members and best practice guides, my role is to recommend improvements to their processes and procedures.

“One of the key areas I focus on is the Building Safety Act (BSA) and the requirements for a business to record what was built and to demonstrate compliance and competence.

“When witnessing their processes firsthand, I was blown away at the quality and detail that both Gridlocked and B&K Systems were recording at each stage on their bespoke software app tools. “Each app started at the tender stage and at each stage in the project their staff are required to record the completed tasks and the installer’s name. This has given them complete control and oversight of a project”.

Nigel explained that to test the validity of the software apps he asked both companies to produce the name and qualifications of the installer and photographic evidence of the
compliance on each element during the build on completed large and complex projects.

He said: “I was very impressed with the data they provided and the overall way they are managing their obligations under the BSA”. He concluded by saying: “We often ask the question what does ‘getting it right’ look like and I commend both companies for delivering best practice with industry leading tools and processes to futureproof their companies”.

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