Armstrong has extended its portfolio of canopy ceilings with the launch of a curved system which can be used either convexly or concavely.

Manufactured from 82 per cent recycled content, the Optima curved canopy is highly light reflective at 87 per cent, enabling energy savings. Easily relocatable and reusable, Armstrong claims it’s ideal for refurbishment projects.

The Optima curved canopy can be installed under plasterboard ceilings, existing grid systems or exposed concrete soffits, either as a concave or convex element, and localise acoustic requirements since they absorb sound on the front and back.

Acoustically designed to Sound Absorption Class A, to optimise intelligibility and concentration in areas such as offices, atriums or any large, open space, the white tiles are fire resistant to Euroclass B-s1, d0 and are 90 per cent resistant to humidity.

Optima canopies require no special tools for installation and can equally be easily adjusted to cater for a variety of heights and angles.