MEDITE SMARTPLY has launched SMARTPLY SURE STEP – the brand new tongue and groove, structural OSB/3 panel with improved slip resistance and durability – providing a safer working surface for those on construction sites.

This innovative, lightweight panel for flooring and roof decking, boasts improved performance during the construction phase of projects. Its unique, UV cured specialist coating, which is manufactured in-house at SMARTPLY, is designed to sustain the effects of the weather and construction foot traffic while reducing the slip risk even in wet conditions – this brings improved durability and slip resistance to the panel in all site conditions.

“We are delighted to introduce SMARTPLY SURE STEP to the marketplace as part of our specialist SMARTPLY range,” comments Rebecca Goldsmith, Product Marketing Executive. “We are constantly thinking of new ways our products can benefit the construction industry and our customers. One of the things our customers and end users have shown great interest in is a protected OSB panel that would provide some weather resistance.

“SMARTPLY SURE STEP is an innovative, high performance panel that provides improved durability and has a low slip risk, which supports a safer future for timber buildings.”

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is manufactured in accordance with EN 300 and is a load bearing panel for use in humid conditions. It can withstand exposure to the weather for up to 42 days without degradation.

It is ideal for applications such as flooring or roof decking, or where improved durability, temporary protection, reduced edge swelling and surface degradation is required on projects. This ground-breaking panel is available in large sizes and its distinctive tongue and groove edges allow the panels to easily slide into place.

In addition, SMARTPLY SURE STEP can be used in numerous sectors such as modular, steel frame and timber construction, offsite manufacturing and temporary decking – making it the ideal panel for use in all construction projects.

The panel has been tested by 3rd party accredited labs where the panels achieved low slip potential in dry and wet conditions.

Similarly to the rest of the SMARTPLY OSB range, SMARTPLY SURE STEP is manufactured using advanced resin technology that results in a high performance, no added formaldehyde panel. This allows specifying architects, fabricators and contractors to help create safer, healthier environments.

In addition, it is FSC and CE certified, maintaining MEDITE SMARTPLY’s stance on creating environmentally conscious products that add value throughout the supply chain.

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