After 34 years, Rap Interiors’ founders Rick and Julie Anderson are handing over the reins to new family owners.

While Rick and Julie will both maintain a role on the board of directors, they are now passing on ownership to family members Parry Anderson and Martyn Pilcher. Parry and Martyn are dedicated to maintaining the delivery of interior design, fit out and refurbishment projects to the exceptionally high standard that Rick and Julie have upheld during their tenure. Furthermore, they are committed to nurturing the long-term relationships with existing clients and building valuable new connections along the way.

From its humble beginnings, Rick and Julie have built the company up to include an in-house team of designers, estimators, project managers and marketing professionals. This has allowed Rap Interiors to build an enviable project portfolio, which includes everything from education spaces to offices to shops and healthcare facilities. Take a look at Rap Interiors’ project portfolio here.

While Rick and Julie will undoubtedly miss working so closely with the successful company they’ve built up, they are delighted that the company will be kept in the family with Parry and Martyn. As for their own future, they are looking forward to enjoying more down-time and holidays after years of hard work and dedication.

Clients are already commenting how delighted they are that the company is staying ‘in the family’. This has given them confidence that the company’s high standards will remain the same.

Rick said: “This has been a long and very enjoyable journey, for the majority of the time, but now is the time to hand over to both Parry and Martyn to bring in new ideas whilst still maintain the ethos of what Rap has worked to over the past 30 odd years. As both Parry and Martyn have worked in the office for the past 4 years and before that as on site operatives we feel the best transition has been put in place. They both will carry on in the same manner so the transition will be seamless, keeping the family feel and maintaining good relationships with clients. Can I thank all the staff and clients for making Rap the success we have all enjoyed over the past numerous years.”

Julie added: “Making the decision to step back from the fast-paced life at Rap Interiors wasn’t easy, but as you work for the majority of your life, we knew we should start thinking about this 4 years ago. The quickest solution was to have sold the company on the open market, and despite a few offers we always wanted to keep the employees’ jobs safe and for someone to own and run this company in a family way. Once our brothers showed an interest we all felt this was the right way to do it. It’s been four years of laughs and some frustrations on both sides as letting go is easier said than done. However, the whole team is confident about the way forward and the ethos of good service, high standards and a friendly company to do business with is already embedded by all. We shall hopefully manage to slow down to a more normal pace of life!”

Parry went on to say: “Rick and Julie have built an amazing company from scratch into what Rap Interiors is to date. We (Martyn and myself) are looking forward to the challenges in carrying on the work ethic which has produced incredible results for clients to their workspaces. The Rap team which they have brought together (part of which we have become), will continue in the same vein but also strive to develop, adapt and transform as requirements change for our clients’ needs.”

Martyn said: “I’d like to reiterate what Parry has said and thank Rick and Julie for their support and mentoring over the last four years. It’s been an incredible journey so far from an initial conversation to this day where we take over the business. We are very excited to continue this journey with the fantastic team we have helped build and look forward to the success only hard work will bring. We will maintain the service and incredible ethos Rap has strived for but also have our own goals and targets we’d like to achieve. I have every faith in the team that we will be delivering fantastic refurbishment transformations for years to come.”

The Rap Interiors team extended their thanks to Rick and Julie for their hard work, dedication and guidance over the years. While the team is committed to maintaining the same high standards across all projects, it goes without saying that the company won’t be the same without its founders. That said, Rick and Julie can now look back with pride knowing that they have created something remarkable. Their retirement is well deserved!