Knauf Slimgrid suspended ceiling system is helping to reduce installation time says Knauf following the systems launch into the UK market in late 2016.

Knauf Slimgrid is a concealed grid system for plasterboard ceiling linings which provides a low-void ceiling ideal for maximising room height. It is most suited for refurbishments and repeatable small sized ceilings.

An early adopter of the Slimgrid system was interior fit-out specialist Met-Excel who recommended the system for an office refurbishment project in Manchester because of its time and cost-saving attributes.

Met-Excel sales director Simon Hill said: “Slimgrid gives us a faster installation because of the simplicity in its design.  The fact that it can also reduce contract programme times makes it an option the main contractors are prepared to look at.”

The Slimgrid System has been designed as a labour saving solution for contractors.  This is achieved through precise measurements of the pre-punched cross tee holes which makes planning  quick and hassle free.  The system also has a click fixture feature making it tool free as components are quickly connected together accurately and therefore helping to achieve this 30% reduction in labour time.  The system also only requires a single level when setting out so that once this is completed the components simply lock into place.

Manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel, the grid system is capable of maintaining a ceiling load of 19.85kg/m2 under typical grid configuration and is suitable for either single or double skin board finishes as determined by the project specification.

Tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 23 with Knauf plasterboard, Knauf Slimgrid contributes to a warranted system for fire rated ceiling assemblies, providing structural fire protection for up to 1 hour.