Using the flexibility and strength of Button-fix fastenings, Surface Matter has created a wall of interchangeable materials in its London studio.

The Surface Matter studio in London is constantly evolving; with new sample materials added and showcased every day on a large, Mondrian style, material feature wall.

Jane Campbell, marketing director at Surface Matter said: “Having previously used Button-fix on a collapsible exhibition panel that travelled across Europe, we knew that the fixings would be ideal for securing material samples to the wall.

“Making it easy to unclip and remove, replace or rearrange the panels, the Button-fix fastening system is ideal for our wall as it’s constantly updated when we’re introduced to new materials!”

Four Button-fix fastenings were used per panel, with more than 200 Type 1 and 2 Fixes used throughout the studio.

An extremely diverse product, Button-fix fastenings can be used in parallel, 90o connections, horizontal and vertical applications. The Type 1 Fix has been designed for screw fixing parallel panels, where proven strength and invisibility is essential. Type 2 Fixes connect 90o panels; ideal for concealing pipework or cabling as the Fix requires no clearance for removal, providing easy access to hidden services.