Plasterboard manufacturer Siniat (formerly Lafarge Plasterboard) has launched its new GTEC Drywall Screw range.

The two-part range consists of the Core GTEC Drywall Screws, which are designed to cover the majority of applications and systems, and a range of GTEC Performance Drywall Screws for the company’s boards.

As part of the launch, Siniat has also reduced the list price of its Core GTEC Drywall Screws by 10 per cent and its specialist GTEC Performance Drywall Screws by up to 50 per cent.

Steve Dougan, product manager for Siniat, comments: “We’ve slimmed the range down to just eight types; reduced prices across the whole selection; and we’ve focused on quality by improving our manufacturing control process, ensuring all of our products are CE Marked in accordance with the European standard for drywall fixings (BS EN 14566).”

The two-part range offers specialist screws for the company’s innovative boards.  This includes Performance self-tapping screws, which can be used with GTEC LaDura and GTEC Megadeco plasterboards, and Wet Area screws which are designed to work with GTEC Aqua Board and GTEC Render Board – GTEC Boards for use externally and in high humidity or wet applications.

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