SIG is pleased to announce its Speedline Partition Systems have passed the assessment against the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI). The assessment covers all non-load bearing metal stud partition systems, including shaft wall, with 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-minute fire resistance.

Speedline Drywall Systems is part of the SIG Group and one of the first drywall systems to pass this assessment. The achievement is just one example of the Group’s continued commitment to demonstrating quality product and system information across own-brand products. SIG has also made significant investment in its compliance team, SIG Assured, which works and supports manufacturers to ensure products are fully compliant with current industry requirements.

The CCPI was developed by the Construction Products Association (CPA) as a means to provide independent third-party assessment of the way product information is provided. Born out of the need for transparency and accuracy, the code confirms that the product information is presented clear, accurate, up-to-date, and with supporting documentation readily available.

Meeting the CCPI assessment is another positive for Speedline Drywall Systems, offering customers confidence in the performance claims made in all sales and marketing material as well as technical documentation.

Speaking on the assessment, SIG UK Compliance Director Steve Marr commented: “The work by the CCPI is incredibly valuable for manufacturers and customers alike. It’s a real step forward and encouraging that so many manufacturers are signing up. For SIG, managing product accuracy, and information & regulatory compliance has been a cornerstone of providing reassurances for customers. I’ve worked extensively with manufacturers from within the business and outside on driving this, and it’s great to see the Speedline Drywall Systems achieve this assessment.”

The systems comprise metal stud partitions supplied with performance plasterboard from major UK manufacturers. The products are combined to create a system which provides the performance levels customers need, with the flexibility of working with major plasterboard suppliers.

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