FIS contractor member Taylor Hart has invested in innovative machinery to pre-cut and mitre plasterboard on-site.

Taylor Hart has teamed up with German machine manufacturer Flextos to be the sole UK and Ireland distributor. This type of plasterboard cutting machinery is used worldwide, mostly in the US, but is currently little used by specialist drywall contractors in the UK.

The portable Flextos machine is used on-site to cut deflection heads, pattresses, partition corners, multiple-sided bulkheads, blind boxes, and column encasements – both flat and curved.

In addition to quicker installation times, the many benefits include improved quality of a machine-cut board, reduction of waste by controlling the cutting schedule, and promotion of safety through reduced on-site use of utility knives/blades. Flextos also reduces dust creation on-site thanks to its double vac filtration system which eliminates around 98 per cent of the dust created.