A quantity surveyor plays a crucial role in the construction industry, primarily responsible for managing costs and ensuring that construction projects are financially viable. Their tasks can be time-consuming due to the complexity and detail involved in their responsibilities.

Time-saving measures are essential to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, make timely decisions, maintain a competitive edge, and contribute to the overall success of construction projects.

As such, Payapps recently surveyed 225 UK and Irish quantity surveyors to discover how they feel about their roles, where they are spending time on manual administrative tasks that take time away from more strategic activity, and what they would rather be doing if they could gain some time back.

In the coming months, SpecFinish will publish the 2024 Quantity Surveyor Industry Research Report. In particular, it focuses on the process of managing subcontractor applications for payment and how far its digitisation can impact time spent on administratively burdensome tasks, the meeting of payment notice deadlines, accuracy, supply chain disputes, and job satisfaction.