The Association of Interior Specialists (AIS)  is holding a  BIM4FitOut conference on 6th November at the CBI Conference Centre, London to help address the issue of BIM within the fit out sector.

The conference is sponsored by Leica and CITB and supported by Mission Room, NBS, BIMStore, FPDC and NAS.

An initial survey of the top 30 fit out contractors (by turnover) has revealed widespread disparity in knowledge and uptake of BIM in fit out projects, with clients, designers and contractors all struggling to work out how BIM will be deployed.

The BIM4FitOut conference will help establish the business case for BIM, identifying how businesses can adapt to the coming changes and what skills will be needed to operate in this new environment.

Combining dedicated, interactive workshops led by BIM experts, with industry key note speakers such as David Philips, head of BIM implementation for the cabinet office, BIM4FitOut will look at the impact of digitisation on the sector, examining the challenges faced throughout the supply chain.

AIS chief executive, David Frise, said: “BIM is a hot topic right now however, in many cases, very little is understood about the impact it will have on the fit out industry and how individual groups will be required to interact with its requirements. The purpose of the BIM4FitOut conference is to help expand people’s knowledge, giving them a forum by which they can listen to and openly discuss the topic of BIM, gaining the valuable knowledge required to better understand where to go from here.”

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