There is just over one week to go until the deadline for claiming CITB grants under the 2012/13 Grants Scheme.

Specialist contractors who are registered with CITB have until Thursday 31 October 2013 to submit claims for training carried out or approved qualifications achieved between 1 August 2012 and 31 July 2013. As well as receiving the existing grants available, specialist contractors who have had a grant claim accepted for the 2012/13 Grants Scheme year will be eligible for the Exceptional Training Grant (ETG) launched earlier this year.

The ETG will be based on a percentage of all grants claimed by an employer during the year and will be paid automatically in December 2013. The ETG will also apply to training undertaken in the 2013/14 Grants Scheme year and will be paid in December 2014.

Specialist contractors must also submit their levy return by 31 December 2013 otherwise they will forfeit eligibility to all grant payments, including the ETG, in 2013/14.

Further information about CITB grants, including the training and qualifications that are eligible and how to submit a claim, can be found on the CITB website.